We realize that all of our decisions and actions are in fact subconscious. We usually have a hard time acknowledging this when we are not consciously aware of it. I think we have to realize that we are constantly “on autopilot” because our minds work quickly, constantly, and we often aren’t even aware of the process at all.

I think we constantly use autopilot for good reasons, but it’s also a problem. We are constantly aware of our own habits, routines, impulses, and reactions, and then we just don’t know how to react to them. We are also oblivious to the fact that we make many of these decisions subconsciously, and this is a problem. I think we just have to be a little more aware of this and use it to our advantage.

Our minds are quick, our minds are quick, our minds are quick, our minds are quick. We can literally become totally unaware of our minds and we can forget we’re doing it.

In fact if we think about the fact that our minds and the way we think have become so ingrained into our identity, we’ll probably lose it. It’s so hard to go from being totally aware of the world and of our actions, to completely unaware of it. We can only change this if we learn how to be aware of it, but I think we should be aware of it and use it as a tool to our advantage.