Designing Custom Posters for Store Opening Events: Key Details to Consider

The last few years have been tremendously difficult for small business owners. In the early months of the COVID19 pandemic, small stores and businesses were shut down worldwide. When they were allowed by the governments to reopen, they had to follow some very strict regulations. 

22.1% of small businesses owners in the US claimed that COVID19 regulations had serious negative impacts on their businesses. Thankfully, brick-and-mortar stores had a simple and cost-effective weapon for dealing with these restrictions and regulations – custom-printed posters. 

Several storeowners installed pandemic-themed posters and banners inside and outside their stores. Here are some types of “pandemic posters” that these businesses used –

  • Posters detailing the symptoms of the COVID19 virus. These posters helped educate the store workers and the customers.
  • Posters featuring information about cleanliness, sanitation, and social distancing. These types of posters outlined exactly how the store owners were keeping their facilities clean and safe.
  • Posters detailing the store’s safety policies. Many store owners used custom-printed posters to inform customers what types of protective gear their workers use to maximize customer safety.

Thankfully, the global COVID19 pandemic is now over. Store owners don’t need to use these posters anymore. However, several stores are currently reopening at full scale, without any restrictions or limitations. How can store owners let their target customers know that they’re back in business? Again, custom-printed posters can be of immense help.

Hosting Store Opening Events Using Custom-Printed Posters 

Just like custom-printed posters helped storeowners relay COVID19-related information, they can help them popularize their reopening plans. Hanging a well-designed custom poster outside your store will let people walking/driving by know that you’re ready for business. 

Now, all you need are some high-quality decorations next to your poster and some music. You can easily host a festive store opening ceremony without spending too much just using these simple items. However, your store opening or reopening posters need to be well-designed for them to attract mass attention. 

How to Create High-Quality Custom Posters for Store Opening Events

Here’s how you can create high-quality custom posters for your store opening event –

  • Key Store-Related Details: Your store opening event’s time, date, and location are the most important details. Don’t forget to include them in your posters.
  • Readability: Make sure your posters are easily readable from a distance. Of course, your poster won’t give you too much space to incorporate large text elements. So, create two sets of text for your poster. Print primary information (e.g., store opening date, call to action, etc.) in large fonts. Print secondary information (e.g., the store’s email ID or phone number) in smaller fonts.
  • Stunning Visuals: High-definition photos, illustrations, and graphics attract the attention of target customers. Use these design elements to give your posters mass appeal. The more people see your visually appealing banners, the bigger your store opening event becomes.   

Don’t forget to include your brand’s logo and name on the posters. Also, include your store’s social media details on the poster (in small print). Your posters may help generate web traffic for your business. Consider creating a series of posters. Install them in multiple locations to let larger groups of people know that your store is back in business!

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