Different Things to Look at in a PG accommodation

Whenever you move to a bigger city, it is important to have a good accommodation option where you can live easily. One of the most popular accommodation types is Paying Guest (PG). This is the type of accommodation specifically designed in such a way that it provides you with all the facilities that the person requires daily. Although there might be different options for PG in Gurgaon, the person needs to find the perfect accommodation for them that can provide the best things.

Hunting for PG can be quite tedious work, but the person has to find the right one to get the most out of it. Here is the list of factors that needs to be considered while looking for the PG option. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Location of PG: One of the most important crucial things that need to be considered in the PG is its location. Nowadays, PGs are available in almost every nook and corner place. But not every PG might be suitable for the person. They always need to consider the place of their work or education and according finalize the PG which is nearby. This way, the traveling span might be reduced to a great extent. This factor can help the person to go a long way in the future.
  • Facilities in Room: Mostly, the basic amenities in almost every PG room are the same. But the person needs to make sure that all the facilities are in the best working condition. Do check that the room gets proper ventilation and lighting in it. The aesthetics of the rooms play a significant role in finalizing the property. Get the proper information about the age of the property; this will provide you with a better idea of whether the property is worth living or not.
  • Furnished or unfurnished: There are two types of PGs available in the market, i.e., Furnished and unfurnished ones. If you are likely to get your stuff, then you can go for the unfurnished PG, but if you want all the facilities from the PG side, then it will be better to get the furnished PG; you can look for the PG according to your convenience and requirement.
  • Hygienic washrooms: It is seen that most of the people face problems in PG is regarding washrooms. Whenever you visit the PG, do check the washroom condition and make sure that it is hygienic and clean at the same time. Even pay attention to the fact that the PG washroom has ventilation, and PG even provides the facility of the laundry room to all the people that live there.
  • Healthy meal: Most working people don’t have enough time to cook every meal. So it will be better for them to get the accommodation that provides the facility of meal in it. Get the PG that has the healthiest and home-cooked food. The PG rent will include the expense of food. Most of the PGs provides three meals. If you want all the meals, you can get the PG with food; otherwise, there are many options regarding PG without meals. In such PG, the kitchen area is provided.
  • Deadlines to Enter: Not every PG might have the same deadline to enter and leave PG. If you are a working person and your working hours keep on changing, it will be better for you to look for the PG option that has flexible deadlines. This is an important thing that should not be missed in any situation as it might create a problem for the person later on if not taken into consideration on time.
  • Guest policy: There are some of the PGs that have a guest-friendly policy. If you are someone that likes to host different people at your place, then you should know about the guest policy in advance. So, this might not cause any problem later on as you know PG guest policy which either them or not.
  • Security: The biggest concern for almost every person these days is their security. If you want to finalize the PG for yourself, just get the PG that has a good security system installed there. The advanced technology system and even the guards’ facilities make PG a better and safer option than the rented house.
  • Rent: The main reason that can influence the final decision of the PG is the rent charged for it. Almost every person has a different budget for renting the PG. First of all, know your budget, and start looking for different options related to PG.

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