Ephrata Pa is a little town that gets its name from the Greek word for “the village of Ephraim,” which means “the town where the wise eat.” The town is located in eastern Pennsylvania, near the Delaware River. The town has a good selection of restaurants, but they are mainly concentrated in two neighborhoods. The more touristy area, known as the West Village, is the best place to eat.

The city that surrounds the West Village is known as the Center City. The Center City is the area where most of the city’s businesses are located. It is also the area where most of the city’s population lives. The area has several restaurants and bars, mostly specializing in cuisine from Europe. It is a nice place to while away a couple hours if you’re looking for a quiet meal.

There are several areas in ephrata that are known as the citys “main squares.” These include the main square of the city, the plaza, and the public square. These are the areas where people gather and interact with each other.

There is a plaza in town that has an extremely large, square, fountain that is used for both drinking and dancing. It is also known as the town square, because of how many people have to gather around it. There is also a street that is called the public square, and it is one of the main streets. It is a street that is basically only for vehicular traffic and is quite busy.

So the public square is the street that is not allowed to have vehicular traffic, and the plaza is the street that is not allowed to have vehicular traffic as well, and it is a street that is basically only for vehicular traffic and is quite busy. The plaza is not really a place where people gather, but it is used for gathering together at large gatherings, and the public square is used for larger gatherings.

The plaza is a public square that is used for large gatherings because it is the only place that is allowed to have vehicular traffic. In my area, which is ephrata-pa, that means that it is a street that is only for vehicular traffic.

The location of the plaza is just about anywhere but not the street you’re headed for. If you come from out of town, the plaza is a completely different location than an outside town. It’s not a place to do any kind of shopping, but it is the same location.

The plaza is the most visible part of town, but it is not the location that most people use. It is a place to eat. I can think of no better place to eat than the plaza. There are a couple of other places that are close by like the cafe in the mall, and the restaurant where you can get a snack right on the plaza.

I was born in ephrata pa. I’ve spent most of my life in ephrata pa, but I’ve also spent a fair amount of time in the town of ephrata pa. I’ve spent my whole life in the town of ephrata pa. I can assure you, the plaza is not a place where you will find a better restaurant. The restaurants all close by midnight.

The plaza is a great place to get a quick bite and a drink. On any given night it is also a great place to walk around and check out the town. Many of the restaurants are open until just before midnight. The plaza is also great for people watching. It is full of the city’s famous restaurants and bars, most of which are open until midnight. I personally love the plaza. It is a great place to relax and hang out for whatever the night has in store for you.