Unveiling the Versatile Talent of Sharad Kelkar


Sharad Kelkar is a multifaceted Indian actor who has carved a niche for himself in the Indian entertainment industry. With his powerful screen presence, versatility, and remarkable acting skills, he has won the hearts of audiences across various platforms. From television to films, from voice acting to hosting, Sharad Kelkar has showcased his talent in diverse roles and continues to impress his fans with each new project.

Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Born on 7th October 1976 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Sharad Kelkar began his career as a gym instructor before venturing into the world of entertainment. He made his acting debut with the television series Saat Phere: Saloni Ka Safar, where he portrayed the character of Nahar Singh. His performance was well-received, laying the foundation for a successful career in acting.

Television Success:

Sharad Kelkar gained immense popularity for his portrayal of the warrior king Shivaji Maharaj in the historical series Chhatrapati Shivaji. His portrayal of the legendary figure was widely acclaimed, earning him praise for his intense performance and commanding screen presence. He went on to star in several other successful television shows, including Bairi Piya, Uttaran, and Kuch Toh Log Kahenge.

Film Journey:

Sharad Kelkar’s foray into films further solidified his position as a versatile actor. He has been a part of various successful movies, including Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela, Rocky Handsome, Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, and Laxmii. His ability to portray a wide range of characters with conviction has garnered him critical acclaim and established him as a respected actor in the Indian film industry.

Voice Acting:

Apart from his on-screen performances, Sharad Kelkar has also made a mark as a voice artist. He is the Hindi dubbing voice for popular characters like Optimus Prime in the Transformers series and Baahubali in the movie Baahubali: The Beginning. His deep and commanding voice adds a new dimension to the characters, making them more memorable for the audience.

Host and Presenter:

Sharad Kelkar’s charismatic personality and excellent oratory skills have made him a sought-after host and presenter. He has hosted various television shows, award ceremonies, and events, leaving a lasting impression with his wit, charm, and poise. His ability to engage the audience and keep the show lively showcases his versatility as an entertainer.

Personal Life and Philanthropy:

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sharad Kelkar is known for his humility, generosity, and commitment to social causes. He actively participates in charitable initiatives and lends his support to various social organizations working towards the betterment of society. His down-to-earth nature and respect for his fans further endear him to people from all walks of life.

Future Endeavors:

As Sharad Kelkar continues to push boundaries and explore new opportunities, fans eagerly await his upcoming projects. Whether it is on television, in films, through voice acting, or as a host, one thing is certain – Sharad Kelkar’s talent and dedication will continue to shine in the entertainment industry for years to come.


In conclusion, Sharad Kelkar stands out as a versatile talent in the Indian entertainment industry. His seamless transition between television and films, his impactful voice acting, and his engaging hosting skills reflect his passion for his craft. With a strong fan base and a reputation for delivering stellar performances, Sharad Kelkar exemplifies the essence of a true artist who continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charm.


Q1: What are some of Sharad Kelkar’s notable television shows?
A: Some of Sharad Kelkar’s notable television shows include Saat Phere: Saloni Ka Safar, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Bairi Piya, Uttaran, and Kuch Toh Log Kahenge.

Q2: Which famous characters has Sharad Kelkar dubbed for in Hindi?
A: Sharad Kelkar has lent his voice to iconic characters like Optimus Prime in the Transformers series and Baahubali in the movie Baahubali: The Beginning.

Q3: What is Sharad Kelkar’s memorable role in a historical film?
A: Sharad Kelkar delivered a powerful performance as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the historical series Chhatrapati Shivaji, which garnered immense praise from viewers and critics alike.

Q4: Apart from acting, in which other entertainment sectors has Sharad Kelkar excelled?
A: Sharad Kelkar has showcased his talent as a host and presenter, gracing various events, award ceremonies, and television shows with his charisma and charm.

Q5: How does Sharad Kelkar engage with social causes and charitable initiatives?
A: Sharad Kelkar actively participates in philanthropic activities and collaborates with social organizations to contribute towards the betterment of society, reflecting his compassion and commitment to making a positive impact.

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