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About ElationEMR

Elation is a cloud-based EHR platform for physicians and healthcare experts to handle their day-to-day tasks. Small and midsized healthcare facilities, primary care units, and independent practice centers that make their own EMR judgments will benefit from the solution. The solution includes billing and practice management characteristics in addition to its fundamental EHR capabilities. Schedule meetings, record clients’ healthcare histories, organize calendars, set reminders, and manage billing and insurance reimbursement with the web-based solution. Elation complies with HIPAA and is Drummond and ICD-10 approved. The platform can be accessed from a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets because it is a web-based application. In this piece, we are going to talk about the top features of ElationEMR. To know ElationEMR pricing, you can schedule an ElationEMR demo or go through Elation EHR reviews. 

Top Features of ElationEMR Software

Integrated RCM Solution

Elation RCM keeps track of reimbursements and compares them to your contacts to make sure you’re getting the most out of each payer agreement. The system assists you in determining why your claims were denied or rejected, as well as adapting recommended processes to prevent future rejections. It gives you detailed analytics that shows you how much money your practice makes, how well it performs, and where you can improve. In addition, it provides dedicated call assistance for your clients with queries about their bills, strategy advantages, and out-of-pocket costs. Elation RCM’s billing integrates seamlessly with our EHR platform, allowing staff to complete front-end processes in one place. Your account manager will assist you in identifying ongoing strategic possibilities to increase revenue, lower costs, and improve cash flow.

Clinical Charting

Elation Health EMR’s Charting instrument has a list of prepared to-utilize formats. The templates help you comply with key regulatory and coding regulations so you can capture client visits more accurately and successfully while reducing rejections, and they’re customized to your single or multi-specialty practice’s specific needs. Reducing the quantity of time you spend charting is a good idea.

To complete these tasks, you don’t need to swap between tabs; all you require is right in your healthcare systems. Elation, an EHR charting tool, records the client visit and initiates the billing process. Practice EHR allows you to accomplish two tasks at once, unlike other charting choices that are different from the billing procedure. The medical template can be configured to automatically begin filling out the interaction form, enabling the visit to be billed. It saves you time while also ensuring that the client contact is fully recorded and paid for when you use this.


The Elation EMR’s telehealth capacities are the last component we might want to examine. For its HIPAA-compliant live training session, Zoom is used. This feature could be built right into your EHR, obviating the requirement for a different system for digital care meetings. This technology also grasps all of the relevant data that clients will require for their digital medical consultations if they are alone in groups. Limiting coding and paperwork also makes electronic healthcare billing and payments easier. All in all, this is among the most useful Elation EMR system features. A lot of Elation EHR reviews talk about this particular feature.


Elation collaborates with labs and other system tools to provide practices with a comprehensive solution that improves patient care while reducing manual labor. Integrating data to the point of care allows physicians to receive critical patient clinical information with confidence, allowing them to provide high-quality, proactive care. The integration of digital orders and results into workflows is seamless, reducing administrative burden. Clinical integrations such as ePrescribing and EPCS help to make care delivery more efficient.

Integrated PM system

From pre-visit to bill resolution, the software manages administrative and financial workflows. It gives practices the tools they need to help manage demographics and insurance data, as well as create digital intake forms to send to clients ahead of time to cut down on paperwork and in-office wait times. Elation’s client portal and digital booking site allow patients to schedule appointments.

Furthermore, the platform includes front-office and billing tools to ensure eligibility, avoid denials, and submit clean claims with confidence to maximize cash flow. It also makes it easier to accept payments from patients via the internet. The software’s integrated e-fax feature keeps track of documents and sends them to doctors via encrypted fax directly from the EHR. Referral administration and order tracking aspects help practices keep track of patient follow-up care, while the practice inbox, business reports, and bulk client messaging features help practices run more efficiently. Elation Health also offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, right from the app.

Complete transparency

With the software’s collaborative features, doctors and care team representatives, both internal and external, have complete visibility into their patients’ health. Elation gives other providers in a network on-demand access to digital patient charts. Professionals save time by sharing upgrades directly from the EHR, notifying other members of the care team right away so they can act on the most up-to-date health records. Practices no longer have to waste time faxing referrals, seeking records, or to chase down lab results because they have on-demand access to patient information.

Elation EMR Substitute in terms of Features – CureMD

CureMD is a user-friendly and innovative digital health record and practice management system. It has a modular design that allows it to adapt to the needs of various units within your healthcare organization, regardless of size or specialty. Its primary goal is to assist you in accomplishing three goals: simplifying decision-making, streamlining operations, and guaranteeing that your company meets industry standards. CureMD EMR not only assists users with clinical, organizational, and financial procedures but also makes it simple to access medical records, communicate with patients, and even speed up check-in times. It can help you streamline routine tasks with an adaptable and intuitive design so you can concentrate on what you do best. To know more about CureMD EHR features, you can schedule a CureMD EHR demo, or you can go through CureMD EMR reviews. 

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