Fedora & Pleated Midi Skirt: Let the Marriage of Two Classic Pieces Adorn Your Fashion Today!

Fashion is about self-expression. You’re doing it right as long as you’re comfortable expressing yourself and feeling good about yourself. But sometimes, you may try to do things differently to express yourself in a way that’s not how you would typically do through your dressing. That’s okay too! If you have an idea of what you would like to be wearing in a few weeks or months, create a Pinterest board as a reminder so that you don’t forget them.

Also, remember that fashion is ever-changing. People need to embrace them or risk looking outdated. So look for ways to improve your wardrobe. Things can be easy if you know the style that compliments your personality. You can accomplish this by finding your design, color, clothing type, etc. Let’s make it simple. Think of two classic choices that can be key to creating a perfect outfit look. If you go back in time, women’s fedora hats and midi pleated skirts both will seem timeless choices given the life they enjoy in fashion even today. Hence, you can start with them to build an attractive spring-summer wardrobe. Here are some style ideas to lead you on to this trendy combination!

White midi pleated skirt, oversize shirt

The perfect way to stand out is to combine different elements in an unexpected way. For example, take a long, pleated skirt with an oversized shirt. You can bring this look together by adding a canvas shoe, accentuating the level of comfort. While this can be a plain Jane look, you can increase its attractive quotient by throwing on your favorite fedora hat: tan, cream-white, or other such color palettes. Consider accessorizing this a little more with a bold purse choice. For example, you can pick a tiny blue shoulder clutch with cute details. At first sight, this may seem contradictory, but it’s not. You’ll be turning heads everywhere you go! 

Gray midi pleated skirt, tight top, or a blouse

It is an ideal outfit for a day of shopping or running errands. The gray midi pleated skirt is flattering and comfortable, and the tight top or blouse is stylish and easy to move in, which would be most desirable during summertime. The fedora hat adds a touch of class and keeps the sun out of your eyes. Go with the black or gray hat to tie the look. You can finish this fashionable outfit with black heels to add more style.

Bright blue midi pleated skirt, light blue button-down shirt

This outfit can be a go-to option for a day of exploring a new city. The bright blue skirt will keep you feeling cheerful as you walk around, and the light blue shirt will keep you cool in the summer heat. The fedora hat will protect you from the sun, and the white sneakers will keep you comfortable all day long. Overall, this is a chic casual style that you can flaunt without fear. You can never go wrong with this. And there cannot be any dull moment with your wardrobe.

Black pleated knee-length skirt, grid print white shirt

Do you have a plan for a night out on the town? The white shirt with grids looks great tucked in the black pleated midi skirt. The skirt can be flattering and slimming, while the top adds a bit of fun and personality. Pick your matching pointed-toe heel pumps and black fedora. The hat is a great finishing touch of mystery and glamour, and the heels will help you dance the night away. Since this look is pretty polished, you can also wear it to the office. 

Metallic pleated midi skirt, light blue blouse with ruffles

Do you want to give your everyday sartorial choices some runway-type energy? Get that metallic knife-pleated knee-length skirt and pair it with your ruffled light blue blouse. While a black leather purse, a silver diamond ring, and pearl earrings and necklace can be the tasteful additions, you can give this outfit a finishing touch with your fedora to make everyone aware of your stylish presence. Let your ensemble do the talking while you savor all the appreciation from your friends and family.

White pleated midi skirt, white cargo shirt

The recently arrived summer sunshine can inspire you to ditch your white jeans and include a white midi skirt instead. It can be one of your fascinating off-duty looks when you feel too hot. So, match it with a cargo white shirt to keep it cool and refreshing. If you plan to step out in the sun, don’t forget to throw on your fedora hat and white slip-on. Grab an iced coffee, and let’s go! You will be a vision of soothing delight walking on the road. 

All clothing choices can be simple, but they suddenly perk up when mixed with a fedora hat. You can easily play a feminine, relaxed, chirpy, or even reserved side of your personality with them together.

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