Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is the most sought-after part of your wedding day. For those who will one day marry their spouse, their wedding dress is a personal statement. As such, choosing the right wedding gown can make all the difference.

But getting the perfect wedding dress is no easy feat. It’s a decision you can make only after carefully considering different dresses. There are so many styles, fabrics, silhouettes, and colors to choose from. Here’s our guide to help you choose the perfect wedding dress for your big day. 

Your Wedding Theme

If you already have a theme in mind, use that as inspiration for your wedding dress. Describe your wedding theme in three words to make the process easier. If you want a Midsummer Night’s Dream theme for your wedding, you want your dress to be “romantic,” “sparkly,” and “dreamy.” 

With these words, you can decide to wear a lace gown with off-the-shoulder flutter sleeves. This will meet the romantic and dreamlike requirements of your wedding theme.

Decide on your wedding theme ahead of time so that you can match your gown to the theme. Because the last thing you want is for your wedding gown to clash with the rest of your ensemble.

Matching Your Wedding Dress With Your Wedding Band

When couples plan for their wedding, they often look for a wedding band that matches their engagement ring. But rarely do brides match their wedding dress with the wedding ring of their choice. The wrong wedding jewelry takes away the impact of your wedding gown.

So, if you have bought your wedding band, make sure your dress goes perfectly with your ring. While you’re shopping for wedding bands for women, you’ll notice that there are plenty of designs to choose from. Even if you choose diamond jewelry, you’ll find out that there are different types of diamond cuts.

And these variations mean that they don’t work with just any style of wedding dress.

If you went with a solitaire diamond wedding band, you’ll want a gown that shines from the top down to the bottom. If you decide to buy a wedding ring with a different stone, the color or even the subtle hue of your dress should match that of the stone.

Wedding Dress Styles

Finding the perfect dress means taking into account both your body type and personality. Find out below which of the most popular dress trends will help you look great on your big day.

  • A-line style – The top of this dress is slim, the waist is fitted, and the skirt gently flares away from the body. This shape, which resembles the letter “A,” is perfect for most body types.
  • Ballerina style – The ballerina dress is best for showcasing your ankles and legs. A vintage-inspired wedding would look fantastic in this quirky style.
  • Ball gown style – The ball gown is a classic option if you’re going for a formal traditional wedding. It features a long skirt supported by crinolines and a boned bodice. Make sure your ball gown is perfectly made to match your size if you are really short.
  • Empire style – The high waist of the empire dress ends just below the bustline. This kind of clothing can conceal a narrow waist and a bulky lower body.
  • Mermaid style – This might be the dress for you if you want it to hug your hourglass form. The body of this dress is hugged, and it stretches out from the knee down. However, it will be too restricted for knealing or dancing.
  • Sheath style – This elegant dress has a shape that fits closely and emphasizes every curve of your body. But it would help if you had a lot of confidence when you’re wearing this dress since it is a little unforgiving.

Wedding Dress Neckline Styles

Another important thing to consider is necklines, which determine the style that suits you best. Not only that but the neckline of your gown determines the wedding jewelry that you should wear. Before entering a bridal shop, it’s a good idea to know which necklines suit your body type the most.

  • Sweetheart neckline – The sweetheart shape mimics the top of a heart and emphasizes decolletage. Because of its style, this is one of the most loved wedding dress necklines. Best paired with diamond pendant necklaces with drop earrings.
  • Straight neckline – Straight necklines are clean and contemporary, offering more coverage than sweetheart shapes. They are often seen in strapless dresses. Best with drop earrings.
  • Plunging neckline – The dramatic variation of a V-neckline is a deep V or plunging neckline. You won’t be concerned about a wardrobe malfunction with this style because you can conceal the bottom dip with mesh fabric. Best with chokers and  diamond stud earrings.
  • Illusion neckline – The illusion neckline lengthens your upper body without overdressing. It does so by extending the sheer fabric from the bodice edge to the base of the neck. Your skin will look like it’s floating across appliqués that are stitched on top.
  • V-neckline – This design flatters small figures because it stretches the torso. The dip can be subtle or dramatic, and you can also have it in the back. Best paired with a diamond pendant necklace.
  • Scoop neckline – This style lengthens the neck, emphasizing the collarbone, and flatters all body shapes. Looks best when paired with drop or chain earrings.
  • High neckline – A high neckline reaches the base of the neck or higher, offering the most coverage at the front. It looks stunning on those with longer faces and necks. Most flattering with diamond studs.
  • Off-the-shoulder neckline – Off-the-shoulder garments draw attention to the shoulders and collarbone while delicately framing the face and partially revealing the arms. Best with chokers or shorter chain necklaces. 
  • One-shoulder neckline – Trying to find a new neckline? One-strap dresses with an asymmetrical cut have a goddess-like quality and highlight your face. 
  • Halter neckline – Halter necklines are cut in from the sides, come together at the neck, and often tie in the back to complement large shoulders. Best paired with studded chokers that completes the neckline. 
  • Keyhole neckline – A keyhole cutout is an attractive feature that displays just a bit of skin while still offering enough coverage. It is often used with a halter or high neckline. Best with diamond-studded earrings.
  • Boatneck – The boatneck or bateau neckline skims over the collarbone and flatters those with narrow shoulders. Because of this, it is often worn with sleeves, as seen in Meghan Markle’s wedding gown. Best for necklaces with a solitaire diamond pendant and colorful stud earrings.

Some Tips to Consider When Looking For a Wedding Gown

1. Plan Your Budget 

Determine your budget and inform the salesperson before they bring out the gowns. That way, you won’t fall in love with a dress that you can’t afford. A wedding ensemble accounts for 10% to 15% of the total wedding cost. This includes the veil, undergarments, and any other accessories. Also, consider extras like alterations and shipping costs.

2. Create a Game Plan

Select where you want to go and notify stores ahead of time. This allows you to find out which designers they carry and how much their dresses cost. It also helps you know if they sell accessories and offer alterations. 

Most salons need you to make an appointment. Limit yourself to two stores per day to avoid forgetting what you’ve seen. Bring a notebook with you and scribble down dress explanations. 

3. Consider the Fit 

Bridal sizing means that your gown’s size is one to two sizes bigger than what you wear in your daily clothes. And bridal wear goes smaller than ready-to-wear. So if you usually wear an 8, you might need a 12.

4. Be Open-Minded About It

Sometimes, your dream wedding dress doesn’t look good on you. Instead, you’ll fall for a gown you’d never considered before.

That’s why you need to keep an open mind when you’re looking for a wedding gown. You can also follow your bridal consultant’s advice regarding this. Some dresses don’t look great on the hanger but look fantastic when you try them on. 

While that is the case, you should never buy a gown you don’t like. Otherwise, this will ruin the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime event in your life.

Wear Your Confidence 

Elevate your wedding dress with the right accessories. It can also make your wedding dress more special. So next time, think about how you can customize the look.

A diamond wedding ring is a perfect complement to your wedding dress. It makes a strong statement that you are a unique bride with a refined taste. They only get one chance to see you in that dress. So make sure you wow them with your confidence and self-assuredness.

Confidence is the ultimate accessory, after all. And there’s no one who can’t enjoy wearing it. So let’s get started planning that perfect wedding day look—the countdown has begun!

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